Who's ? Right: Mankind, Religions & The Ends Times


A project born of personal curiosity, this book is a journey about where mankind came from, what unites the human race as a whole and what the future will bring for the varous races of people around the world.  


"Who's ? Right"  was created in a search for answers. 


Mankind=So Many Questions...So Few Answers

The enigmatic beginnings of mankind is the greatest unsolved mystery of the world. Was there pre-historic mankind before the historically acclaimed humans named Adam and Eve? Does Darwin's 19th century theory of evolution undermine the ancient Biblical notion of divine creation? Creation vs Evolution has been ongoing since the time of antiquity, but  has  become  more  recognized and debated  in  the  last 170+ years. Whether humankind was created or evolved, will the questionable origins of man remain unfathomable?  



Doomsday: Fact or Fiction?

There are many "End Times" scenarios circulating around the world, yet precise definitions have gone unanswered for many centuries. So many predictions when the Earth will be destroyed and mankind will be obliterated has come and gone over the last 2000 years, if not longer.  According to the ancient prophets, a judgment day will arrive, but 'when' is anybody's guess. The skeptics point out that even the Bible contradicts itself about the end of the world. (ie: 2 Peter 3:10 states that "The earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up," while Ecclesiastes 1:4 says "The earth shall abideth forever." ) Regardless of the pros and cons of a Doomsday scenario, it remains an abstract subject that mankind adheres to and intreprets individually.



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